Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The wintered-over Swiss Chard is starting to take over the bed of greens, but I don’t mind.  I plant all the chard that I can, sowing every two weeks starting in the warmth of the hoophouse and then free range in the spring.  I tuck a few seeds here and there among the other vegetables so I have Swiss Chard in every nook and cranny of the garden.  And best of all, it is so versatile and delicious in almost everything.  I love to chop it up and add it to my breakfast scrambled eggs or my chicken noodle soup for dinner.  Sometimes I sauté a big bunch in olive oil and garlic until it cooks down into two small servings as a side to grilled fish.  But my very favorite way to eat it is in a salad, without any dressing – just naked.  It tastes delicious and green! 

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  1. It is incredible how fast it is growing. You should probably let Tanners know this year you will not be buying any vegetables. The pictures are great.