Monday, March 14, 2011


Not really.  Well, not here in Eastern PA.  But I spent the week up at my daughter’s house in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts and there was 1 ½’ of snow there.  Ugh!  Enough already!  It is cold, snowy and muddy there and it was hard not to long for the early spring days back at home.  When I drove down our driveway I noticed that the daffodils were up and budding and the forsythia had small yellow buds up and down its branches.   The hoophouses are full of greens and we are
once again eating delicious salads from the garden.  Last night I made a lettuce, mesclun and
spinach salad that had that intense flavor that only comes from the winter-overed greens.   The Swiss chard and broccoli that I transplanted into the hoophouse doesn’t seem to be doing well and I may just direct seed into the garden.  I should have done that to begin with, having learned that lesson from the year before.  The lettuce that I sowed on February 17 is now blanketing the soil in
the hoophouse.  These new greens will take us into the summer.  My tomato plants (si 2/1)  that are on the window sill are about 1’ tall and doing well.  Only thing is, they are almost touching the grow light bulb and I need to reconfigure something to give them a little more head room.  I have trays of all kinds of tomato plants – some for me and the rest to friend’s gardens.  Any time they come to visit, they check out the tomato plant’s progress.  Seems like everybody is getting anxious to plant!    

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