Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You’d think that after 40 years of marriage we could agree on lawn care.  But there we were at the rental center arguing over which machine to use to repair our damaged lawn.  The lawn took quite a hit in last year’s heat wave, so we agreed that we needed to put some time into reseeding.  So as we stood there with teeth gnashing and raised voices, the poor clerk ran to the back for some help.  Help came in the form of a diminutive woman who knew her machines and knew how to use them.  She explained the purpose of the thatcher, the aerator and another machine that cuts grooves into the soil and then drops seed into the groove.  I suspected that she might also have been a marriage counselor!  So we drove home with the thatcher and spent the day thatching, raking, fertilizing and finally seeding.  The front and the back of the house are done, but the area along the driveway will have to wait for another day.  It is supposed to rain tonight and for three days thereafter, which is why we worked so hard to finish the job.  Some of the thatch that I raked up was mixed into the compost pile.  That should get it cooking!  So when all was said and done, we work pretty well together, in spite of 40 years of marriage!

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