Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, once again I am the optimist, but hopefully, I won’t suffer from it.  We’ve had a couple pretty cold nights and my tomatoes are sitting in the unheated hoophouse looking a little chilly.  Not only did I plant my tomato plants, but put in every single one that I’ve grown, including the plants for my friends.  It certainly has been a roll of the dice and if I lose one, I’ll probably lose them all.  But so far, they are alive and I noticed that one of the plants even has a flower on it.  Could be a ‘stress flower’ - the plants sense that their days are numbered and try to save the species before the end comes.  The weather forecast looks like it will continue to get warmer and we may even have a day in the 80s by Wednesday, so that should warm the tomatoes up.  This has been a long, cold, wet,  windy Spring.  Patches of grass are starting to come up, but honestly, it looks very sparse.  I think that most of it was washed away in one of the downpours.  My husband is distraught and says that he can’t even grow grass.  My rain barrel is hooked up to the downspout now that the threat of ice is gone and I’ve been watering with rain water.  Even my indoor plants respond to the rain water.  The peas and kale are poking up and I just put in some spinach the other day.  Other than that, the garden is moving along all so slowly.  I think that I am just anxious to see it turn into a jungle.   I am an impatient optimist. 

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