Thursday, April 7, 2011


Little by little, the garden is coming to life.  The beds of greens aren’t protected by the hoophouses and are thriving in the cooler temps of spring.  I noticed that the kale and peas are poking up and I just put in my onions today.  I refer to my garden plans from previous years in an effort to rotate the ‘crops’ (and I use that term loosely) and mix it up a bit.  The tomato plants in the hoophouse are doing well, even though the temps have been in the 40-50s.  We haven’t had much sun so the temperature in the hoophouse is on the cool side of things.  But according to the forecast, things will be warming up this weekend, and it’s about time.  I’ll probably move the flat-top hoophouse this weekend and get another bed warmed for the rest of the 2/1 tomato plants.  It would be a good time to sow the nasturtium seeds with the tomato plants as well. 

I refer to my chart (see picture above) often and try to keep it up-to-date with the new info from 2011.  The orange highlights denote hoophouse growth, the pink is for the plants sown inside and growing on the windowsill and the green is for the plants grown in the open garden.  I also note when the vegetables are transplanted (T), harvested (H) and bolted ( B).  I have marked on the chart when things were done the last few years and what the recommended date would be.  Even though this is a little extreme, I feel that this makes me more relaxed as I only have to check the chart for my next gardening job.  This system works really well for me, so why change?  According to my chart, I should be sowing my cucumbers and squashes, but am holding out for a week or two because of the cooler temperatures we’ve been having.  Plus I need to move the rest of the tomato plants off the windowsill to free up space for the any new starts.  With my limited space, it turns out to be a juggling act, but keeps me on my toes.  I am also posting my current Growing Timeline and you’ll notice that only the tomatoes are in the hoophouse and the greens are ‘free range.’ 

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