Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What is it with warm, sunny days in the early Spring?  Those 70 degree temperatures force you out into the garden to expose your winter-white skin to the burning rays of the sun.  After a day outside, your exhausted, sunburned body feels great.  It’s gardening time again!  Yesterday was one of those beautiful days and I got a lot done.  We moved the hoophouse off the greens as they are not only ready to be free, but are starting to bolt from the heat!  There are so many greens that I am going to turn into a rabbit soon, I think.  The hoophouse warmed up the soil in the new bed and I transplanted my very unruly tomato plants into it.  I didn’t harden them off, but instead draped an old sheer curtain over the hoophouse to filter the light.  I planted the tomatoes deeply so that they would develop new roots further up the stem.  I also threw in a whole egg and a handful of oatmeal for good measure.  That should get them off to a good start.  So, other than monitoring the temps in the hoophouse and unzipping the top for ventilation, I’ll water and that should do it for a while.  I’ll give the tomato plants a few days and if there are no problems and they seem to do well, I’ll put my potted tomato plants (that I am growing for friends) into the hoophouse too.  That will free up some space on the windowsill for cukes and squash starts.  It’s a bit of a juggling act with such limited space on the windowsill, but it forces me to keep on top of things and get them into the garden ASAP!  According to the National Weather Map, we are expecting 10 days of rain.  Ugh!  That’s probably worse than snow, but you know, I’ll just put on my slickers and get my feet wet.  Well, on the brighter side, the rainy weather will be great for the newly planted grass seed. 

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